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Stanton Interior Concepts Website

B2B Web Design in Chicago

Stanton Interior Concepts tasked Idea Marketing Group with creating a visually stunning website conveying a vision of innovation, luxury, identity, and sustainability. The custom WordPress website we built mirrors that image and design style. The site features a dynamic project gallery, allowing Stanton to highlight some of its best work.

Gallery for sales presentations

Interior design is extremely visual, so we built the Stanton Interior Concepts website to showcase a number of high-quality images that fill the user’s screen while minimizing written copy. We also provided a gallery intended to be used on mobile devices during sales presentations.

Easily rotate projects in WordPress

Stanton Interior Concepts has a wide variety of beautiful project images to share with potential clients. From time to time, the company wanted to rotate projects to provide a fresh appearance for return visitors. We made this possible through the backend of their custom WordPress site.

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